How could a high school football coach build one of the largest insurance companies starting with only 85 people? It is an incredible story from a man who’s brilliant, yet plain spoken philosophy on business, changed the way you will build your business… forever! Check it Out

NatGen Marketplace Submission Platform (EDE)

On Thursday, 12/16, Nat Gen will be rolling out their EDE-Enhanced Direct Enrollment platform for ACA enrollments through Nat Gen Coveragebuilder. ·       EDE is accessed through the normal quoting and enrollment flow of your On-Exchange proposals. You will not have to do anything differently to access the EDE Application process in Coverage Builder.    You will encounter a one-time registration process that must […]


As leaders, we have an obligation to help you achieve as much success as possible in the quickest amount of time. The first couple of months are vital in setting up your business. It is imperative that the expectations you should have on yourself, as well as the expectations we have of you are achieved […]

Get Licensed at a Discount

Front Row Benefits and the Healthcare Solutions Team have partnered with A.D.Banker & Company to help you meet your Prelicensing and Continuing Education requirements. A.D.Banker is the nation’s premier education provider for insurance professionals. Learn Watch, read, and listen to curriculum developed by industry experts & cross-referenced with the exam content outline. PRACTICE Test your […]

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